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Nell Dale, author of Computer Science Illuminated, is in the process of developing a series of progressive laboratory exercises that will extend student understanding of key chapter concepts. The labs correspond with material presented in the textbook, and challenge students to take a closer look at a collection of carefully selected topics. Through active engagement in the fundamentals of computer science, students will become more fully prepared to continue their study in this field.

The labs presented here are not final. They are presented here as a preview and to solicit instructor feedback. Please send any questions, suggestions, and comments to us by using this form

Lab 1: Web Exercises
  • Orientation
  • Guided Search
  • General Research

Lab 2: Napier's Bones

Lab 3: Limits on Numeric Representation

Lab 4: Data Compression

Lab 5: Pep/7 Exercises

  • Machine Language
  • Assembly Language

Lab 6: High-Level Languages

  • Branching
  • Looping

Lab 7: Sorting Algorithms

  • Efficiency of Different Sorting Algorithims, Part A
  • Efficiency of Different Sorting Algorithms, Part B

Lab 8: Searching Algorithms

  • Efficiency of Different Searching Algorithms

Lab 9: Spreadsheet Exercise

Lab 10: Principles of Web Design

Lab 11: Examining BigO

  • Big 01
  • Big 02
  • Big 03


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