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Welcome to the integrated web site for Computer Science Illuminated. This site is designed to enhance your understanding of the concepts presented in the text using interactive technology. The eLearning section of this site provides fun ways to review material in the book, and opportunities for you to further explore on your own those items from the text which interest you. This section is especially useful for non-traditional learners who prefer to experience the material from many angles.

eLearning is integrated closely with the organization of the textbook. For each chapter in the text, you may find:

  • Interactive Review, where you are presented with a fill-in-the-blanks (e.g. Mad-Libs) summary of each chapter. You have to guess the correct answer from your memory of the chapter material, and get instant feedback on your results. You can use this feature right after you finish your reading to reinforce what you've learned, or before a quiz or exam to test your knowledge and help you figure out where you may need more study.
  • Animated Flashcards save you the time, cost, and hassle of making your own flashcards, and at the same time present the vocabulary and key concepts of each chapter in a way that is fast-paced and fun. You can use these to quickly review all the important terms in a chapter.
  • Live Wire is a basis for your further exploration of any concept which catches your fancy from the text. Learn more about everything from enormous vacuum-tube-based computers of the 50's to the vagaries of the modern era of computing by visiting links hand-picked by the authors.
  • Cryptic Crossword Puzzles are another vocabulary and key concepts review. Try completing them without the aid of your book to help cement the concepts of each chapter in your mind. If you get stuck, you can always get a hint one letter at a time!
  • Ethical Issues, Biographical Sketches, and Did You Know? are all familiar items from the text. Online, however, we can provide more information, and provide you with links to great web sites where you can learn more about the lives of famous programmers, the laws affecting your use of computers, and computers through the ages.

In addition to eLearning, we also provide some resources which are general to the entire book:

Goin' Live lets you put into practice some of the concepts of the text over the duration of your course, by building your own personal web site.

Online Glossary is a reference allowing you to quickly look up any term in the book, even if you're not sure how to spell it.

The Learning Store provides you with access to additional study materials you may find useful.

The Language Library provides in depth tutorials in C++ and Java, written by the authors of Computer Science Illuminated, that will allow you to dip your toes into the waters of programming. Note: this resource will be available soon.

PEP/7 is a software program that your professor may want you to download... They will let you know if you need this.

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