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Principles of Web Design

Principles of Web Design

Download the Cover Sheet for this lab as an Adobe PDF. This can be used to record your answers to the questions in the lab.

This lesson asks you to go to a web site about web design style. Go to and look over the site outline.This manual is far to complex to cover in one lesson, so you are asked to read and answer questions about the first two chapters.

Read Chapter 1 and outline the stages in the process of developing a website.

Read Chapter 2, Interface Design.

  • Does the Chicago Manual of Style apply to web pages? Explain.
  • How are web pages different from pages in a book?
  • To what do "who," "what," "when," and "where" refer in terms of web-page design?
  • What are the principles of a user-centered design?
  • What does accessibility man in terms of web design?
  • What does it mean to "provide context or loose the reader"?

In summary, do you think that this website practices what the content dictates?

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